RESOURCEFUL For more than 100 years, Schnitzer has recycled ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal—steel, aluminum, copper, and brass, among others—creating value from materials that others might consider obsolete. Extending the life of critical assets like metals that might otherwise end up in landfills is the very essence of being resourceful and provides sustainable solutions in today's resource-constrained world.

RESPONSIBLE Schnitzer has a proud legacy as a responsible business, balancing the needs of people, planet, and profit. We promote an inclusive, empowering workplace that takes care of our employees and supports the communities in which we operate. And, we make thoughtful business decisions that deliver long-term value for our shareholders.

RESILIENT Recycled metals not only help extend the life of limited resources but also help meet future global challenges. As economies around the world transition to low-carbon ones, metal intensity is projected to increase. Demand will grow for electric vehicles, solar and wind energy, and infrastructure needed for “smart cities.” By supplying a high-quality stream of recycled metal inputs, Schnitzer is proud to help make the world more resilient.

RESOURCEFUL. RESPONSIBLE. RESILIENT. For over 100 years, from the Great Depression to the Great Recession to the COVID-19 pandemic, these qualities ensure that Schnitzer always steps up to do what is right to serve our people, our customers and suppliers, our shareholders, our communities, and our world. We are proud of how our 3,000-member team has delivered in extraordinary ways to manage through extraordinary times. This year's report chronicles our journey.