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Our Mission

At Schnitzer we operate at the intersection of metals recovery, reuse, recycling, and manufacturing.

Galvanized by a commitment to taking action to sustain future generations, our people work responsibly to provide products and services our customers and communities trust—as we have since 1906.

Our Purpose

recycling today for
a sustainable tomorrow

Our Core Values

Schnitzer’s commitment to our core values of Safety, Sustainability, and Integrity remains strong. We work to create a more sustainable future by collecting, processing, and reusing metal, sparing natural resources and landfill space, and supplying critical feedstock to industries across the globe. Together, we leverage our collective strengths to deliver high-value products and services while forging trusted partnerships with our customers, suppliers, and communities.


Safety Is Our Responsibility
and Our Priority.

At Schnitzer we are dedicated to creating a safe work environment and a sustainable safety culture. We emphasize employee engagement and continue to make meaningful progress in identifying and addressing potential risks before they result in injuries.

Our safety culture is always improving, not just by reinforcing safe behaviors, but by establishing an ongoing expectation of mutual accountability and a commitment to looking out for one another.”

— Suresh Rajapakse,
VP Environmental, Health
and Safety


Sustainability Is Our Business.

As one of North America’s largest manufacturers and exporters of recycled metals, Schnitzer works every day to help ensure a future with less waste, less used natural resources, and cleaner air and water. We turn the old into new, enable the obsolete to find new purpose, and in the process strengthen our partnerships and forge stronger communities.

Every Schnitzer employee has a meaningful impact on our sustainability performance. By putting our core value of Sustainability into action every day, we all help achieve our ambitious sustainability goals.”

— Brian Lewallen,
Chief Sustainability Officer


Integrity Is About Respect.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethical behavior. We treat everyone with respect and expect the same in return. We challenge ourselves to incorporate integrity into every aspect of our operations, working with honesty and treating one another fairly.

At Schnitzer we stand for operating every day with integrity. Making sure every employee understands this, and understands what our values mean, is essential to our success.”

— Callie Pappas, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer