Auto Dismantling & Auto Parts Recovery

Vehicles that are no longer road- worthy can still possess significant value. Individual components can be remanufactured, transferred to other vehicles, or made into new products— in other words, an end-of-life vehicle is much more than the sum of its parts.

Schnitzer’s Pick-n-Pull brand, an industry-leading chain of self-service used auto parts stores, provides affordable auto parts to more than 4.5 million customers annually. End-of-life vehicles are salvaged from a variety of sources, including municipalities and dealers, as well as streets and yards where they have been abandoned and would otherwise threaten the environment and public safety. Expert handling of fluids and other by-products via reclamation and recovery ensures responsible management of these materials. And, we process the ferrous and non-ferrous metals that remain, once customers have removed wanted parts or purchased other items such as tires and batteries, thereby creating new value and avoiding disposal in landfills.

How Pick-n-Pull Gets the Most Out of End-of-Life Vehicles

Pick-n-Pull finds a safe, environmentally friendly purpose for nearly every component found in the vehicles we receive. Here are some of the vehicle parts we handle:

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Dismantling By-products in Fiscal 2020

pounds of batteries
gallons of coolant
gallons of gasoline
pounds of tires recovered

Preventing release of potentially hazardous materials is an important part of the auto dismantling process. For example, some refrigerants recovered from older vehicles we receive may possess ozone-depleting properties or have high GHG potential. We typically reclaim more than 100,000 pounds of refrigerants from vehicles every year. Ensuring safe recovery and processing of these materials prevents harmful substances from entering the atmosphere and allows our recovery partners to generate valuable carbon credits. We also remove mercury switches used in the engine compartment and trunk. Beyond preventing the release of toxic chemicals, the removal of mercury switches is an example of how Schnitzer’s operations complement one another. Since 2006, through U.S. and Canadian national recycling programs and partnerships, we have responsibly and safely removed almost 1 million individual mercury-containing devices from the scrap metal stream, equating to almost 1 metric ton of mercury. Removing switches early on helps ensure product quality, occupational safety, public health, and environmental protection.

In addition to dismantling vehicles for sale at Pick-n-Pull stores, Schnitzer offers secure vehicle component destruction and recycling for customers who want to ensure protection of proprietary parts and technology. We tailor our approach to the needs of each customer, providing enhanced documentation of the destruction and recycling process to safeguard against product and environmental liabilities.

Creating Satisfied Customers

Pick-n-Pull uses the Net Promoter Score metric, which we refer to as the Pick-n-Pull Customer Service Score, to measure customer satisfaction. For the past several years, nearly three-quarters of customers have said they would recommend our stores to their friends and family. We also have a Customer Service Pro Program through which we reward employees for outstanding customer service. Since the program’s inception, hundreds of Pick-n-Pull employees have been recognized, often multiple times by different customers.