Hunger Relief

Schnitzer’s National Food Bank Initiative has been in place since 2010. Since that time, we’ve raised $2.6 million in nonperishable food donations, cash contributions, volunteer time, and Schnitzer matching contributions, all of which amounted to donating 7.9 million meals to 40 local food banks.

This support included helping food banks adapt to the challenges of COVID-19. For example, when the Emergency Food Network (EFN) in Pierce County, Washington began delivering food directly to recipients’ homes, they recognized that many individuals did not have can openers. Employees at Schnitzers’ Tacoma facility not only donated hundreds of can openers but organized a community scrap drive and provided the proceeds to EFN. Pick-n-Pull organizes food drives seasonally, routinely collecting more than $100,000 for local food banks. During the fiscal 2020 Summer Food Bank Fund Drive, Pick-n-Pull completed one of the most successful drives in our history, raising over $141,000, including a Company-matching donation.

“The Atlanta Community Food Bank's need has significantly increased since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are thankful for the support of Schnitzer, which will help us fill the meal gap across Metro Atlanta and North Georgia by providing food to those in need during this time of crisis.”

Kyle Waide, President and CEO
Atlanta Community Food Bank

“Since the outbreak of the virus and rise in unemployment, the number of families frequenting the food pantry has climbed rapidly. The food pantry is thankful to have the ability to aid families facing food insecurity during this crisis. It takes a village, and without the dedication of companies like Schnitzer, this work wouldn’t be possible.”

Irene Cardillo, Managing Director
Everett Grace Food Pantry

“When the COVID-19 emergency took hold, we experienced a 1,000 percent increase in calls to the Food Bank’s emergency food helpline. More than half were from households that had never reached out for help before. Months into our emergency response effort, ACCFB and our network of member agencies continue to respond to unprecedented need, and we are bracing for a prolonged response. Our partners will be critical for the duration of this crisis and beyond, and we’re extremely grateful to Schnitzer for stepping up to nourish our neighbors, especially now.”

Suzan Bateson, Executive Director
Alameda County Community Food Bank