Community Safety

Schnitzer’s unique business model provides an opportunity for us to foster community safety.

For example, unneeded vehicles can be valuable training tools for police and fire departments. Pick-n-Pull locations regularly host K-9 Certification Training for dogs that assist law enforcement officers. The dogs practice sniffing out various materials and, when training is complete, the materials are safely removed by law enforcement personnel. Our yards also serve as training grounds for fire departments, where trainees learn to use specialized tools and techniques for extracting passengers from vehicles in the event of an auto accident.

We also enhance safety by keeping weapons out of circulation. Since 2009, 17 local police departments have brought guns from closed criminal cases to our Everett, Massachusetts metals recycling facility, where they are destroyed and the metal components of these items recycled. We have supported the recycling of more than 10,000 weapons since this program began.

“I am very proud we can partner with the Boston Police Department in this destruction and recycling program. It’s a great example of a successful public-private partnership.”

John Silva, Recycling Operations Director, Schnitzer Northeast