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Our Impact

Achieving operational excellence is the result of continuous improvement that only comes from unrelenting effort.”

– Michael Henderson, President, Operations

At Schnitzer we are in the business of sustainability, as we operate at the intersection of metals recovery, reuse, recycling, and manufacturing. What we do, who we serve, and why it matters are all defined by this shared purpose.

By transforming used metals into feedstock for the production of new materials, Schnitzer’s operations provide critical environmental benefits to metal-intensive industries like construction, telecommunications, energy, and transportation. Our products and services illustrate the notion that recyclable metal is a resource to be reintroduced into the supply chain again and again, creating long-term environmental, social, and financial value for our employees, communities, and stakeholders alike. Instead of extracting virgin ore from the earth, Schnitzer’s products and services reduce the need to mine finite resources while keeping valuable materials out of the landfill.

In many ways, our impact is measured by the resources we keep in the ground, emissions we avoid, and valuable materials we recover.