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Who We Serve

Our Customers & Suppliers

Our people work responsibly to provide the products and services our customers and suppliers trust.

Our Pick-n-Pull stores, for example, serve individuals like car enthusiasts, mechanics, and those seeking low-cost replacement auto parts, as well as businesses such as autobody shops and core auto parts manufacturers.

Schnitzer’s metals recycling operations serve global construction, automotive, and power industries, while purchasing supplemental materials from recyclers and retailers to add feedstock at our processing facilities. Our ability to acquire, sort, and sell metals entering the marketplace through the reverse supply chain is grounded in our knowledge of recyclable materials, metal commodities, salvage vehicles, and automotive parts and cores. This expertise has allowed us to develop and leverage longstanding relationships with suppliers and customers across the globe to meet the growing demand for recycled metal products and tailored recycling solutions.

At Schnitzer responsible operations reflect an unwavering emphasis on safety, a continuous search for technological innovation, and a focus on efficiency.”

– John Hebert, Chief of Operations

Our steel manufacturing operation accepts material from Schnitzer metal recycling facilities, and serves primarily domestic customers, including steel service centers, steel fabricators, contractors, and building developers.

Finished products deliver the recycled content and reclamation performance needed to support green building projects, significantly contributing to LEED certification and other local government sustainable building code and certification requirements.

Our Communities

Our communities are important stakeholders. We work responsibly to limit our environmental impacts and improve the communities where we work and live. Along the way, we create sustainable and local jobs; support community organizations, start-ups, and small and large businesses; and develop innovative solutions that create long-term environmental, social, and financial value in our communities.

Pick-n-Pull’s End-of-Life
Vehicle Purchase Volumes (thousands)

Bar chart showing Schnitzer's yearly Pick-n-Pull's end-of-life vehicle purchase volumes from 2019 through 2021

retail customer visits to Pick-n-Pull stores annually.

commercial and industrial suppliers and customers of recycled metal products and services.

Providing Recycling Solutions

Our Reverse Logistics teams purchase materials from industrial and commercial customers to provide additional feedstock for our metals recycling facilities. We also offer recycling solutions for nonmetal materials like pallets, Styrofoam™, cardboard, and plastic to improve operational efficiencies and deliver environmental benefits to multinational retailers across various industries.

After performing on-site assessments and audits at a business location, we determine available recyclable materials and offer solutions that add value, improve logistics, and optimize operations and processing. Our services turn difficult-to-manage materials into operational and financial assets.

Pick-n-Pull’s End-of-Life Vehicle Purchase Volumes (thousands)