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Employee Health
& Wellness

Over the past 18 months we have focused on protecting and supporting our employees throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Our teams worked to find creative ways to bring employees together, offering additional connectivity to Schnitzer’s health and wellness programs.

In an effort to support COVID-19 vaccination throughout the Company, we offered transportation to and from clinics and vaccination centers and provided paid time off for employees to go to vaccination appointments for themselves and family members during normal working hours.

We responded to the need for virtual healthcare options by providing access to MDLive, a telemedicine resource that allows employees to meet with a healthcare provider without leaving home. Recognizing the need to prioritize mental health offerings, we accelerated existing initiatives to deliver telehealth services for mental health support and launched training programs to encourage mental health monitoring at work. We are committed to continually enhancing employee benefits to offer support where needed, adjusting to changes across our workforce and society.


We are committed to supporting the health and well-being of our employees. Our Wellness strategy is built on three pillars: mental, physical, and financial wellness.

To support mental and physical wellness, we are expanding the benefit offerings of our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to include webinars and podcasts on mental health, virtual health check-ins, tips for healthy remote work, and flexible work schedules. We are also hosting “Wellness Challenge Events” to educate our employees on balanced nutrition and healthy eating, improved sleep, stress-relief tactics, and relaxation activities.

Our financial wellness program has emphasized increasing employee awareness and understanding of our retirement and savings plans. Through our 401(k) and Company matching program, we are providing benefits to our employees upon retirement. In 2022 we are expanding our voluntary benefits to offer employees identity theft protection and supplemental accident coverage.

wellness in an ever more digital era

Work, school, family gatherings, and most social interactions over the past year relied heavily on digital tools and resources. The transition from regular in-person interactions to a daily reliance on digital communication tools has impacted frontline workers, office-based employees, students, community leaders, parents, and educators alike, as we all face new challenges and adapt to social limitations.

To offer employee support, Schnitzer launched a digital wellness initiative—an effort to create an environment where individuals can share information and resources, increase awareness, learn from one another, and encourage discussion around how technology impacts our lives. This initiative seeks to promote and support an intentional and healthy relationship with technology in the workplace and at home.

I love that digital wellness is not anti-tech, it is healthy-tech. Benefits I have experienced personally as I dial back my screen time include improved connection with others as well as myself, getting better sleep, and even getting more exercise.”

— Terri Williams, Marketing Director and Digital Wellness Leader