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Training & Development

At Schnitzer we are committed to helping all employees reach their full potential, starting with our robust talent acquisition and hiring process that prioritizes outreach to a diverse array of candidates.

Our training and development programs go beyond onboarding and individual job task assignments to include programs related to occupational health and safety practices, environmental management systems, frontline leadership development, business ethics and compliance, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We utilize live in-person sessions when appropriate, offsite workshops, and online interactive modules to facilitate the ongoing education of our employees, often bringing teams together to hear directly from leadership and share experiences among peers.

38,500 hours
of employee training and development in 2021.

Supporting Our Workforce on a Path to Success

In 2021 we launched a frontline leader development initiative to address our evolving workplace needs. The initiative aimed to strengthen communication fundamentals and provide leadership best practices, including:

1 Building Foundational
Leadership Skills:

Interaction and communication essentials, including active listening and learning how to provide high-impact feedback.

2 Leading People

Coaching skills for leaders to value diversity and encourage collaboration to generate creative ideas and effective solutions.

3 Driving Results

Developing high-performance teams that achieve meaningful and measurable business goals.

Through this program, 550 employees across our company in leadership roles at multiple levels completed more than 8,000 combined hours of leadership training.

Business Learning & Awareness Program

In 2021 we launched our Business Learning and Awareness Program to advance efforts to communicate the many different facets of our business to the larger employee community.

Program objectives included:

  • Providing broad exposure to senior leadership teams.

  • Offering an opportunity to learn about Company goals and ongoing initiatives within various functional areas.

  • Highlighting connections between department functions and business success.

  • Communicating foreseeable business challenges across the Company.

  • Presenting development opportunities within specific departments and business functions to employees across the Company.

Through the Business Learning and Awareness Program, we hope to promote continued education around business objectives and help employees develop a strong understanding of roles and responsibilities outside of their immediate scope of work.

I look forward to the Business Learning and Awareness Program sessions and town halls as they are opportunities to learn about other facets of our Company’s business. More importantly, I really appreciate having regular opportunities to ask questions and get answers in real time from members of the executive team and senior leadership. These are opportunities I wouldn’t be exposed to in my daily work – opportunities that have enabled me to find new ways to contribute to the continued improvement and positive impacts our Company strives for.”

– Nures Kara, Senior Environmental/Project Manager

of our workforce is trained
on our Code of Conduct.

Our Core Values & Code of Conduct Training

We believe that success is about more than just productivity and financial performance; it reflects a commitment to operating every day in accordance with our core values—safety, sustainability, and integrity.

Through the annual Our Core Values training, we review the principles behind our Company’s shared purpose and responsibilities. We implement a new interactive course each year that additionally highlights selected topics of particular relevance. The course also includes an overview of the Company’s Code of Conduct. By pairing these topics, we actively reinforce our shared accountability. In 2021 Schnitzer’s Our Core Values course was completed by 100 percent of our workforce.

Schnitzer Steel Certified as a Great Place to Work®

Great Place to Work Certified, July 2021 - July 2022 USA

In August of 2021, Schnitzer was certified as a Great Place to Work®, joining a distinguished group of companies that value employee trust, respect, pride, and camaraderie.

Great Place to Work® sets the global standard for businesses seeking to measure and improve workplace culture, employee experience, and leadership behaviors.

Schnitzer received this certification based on employee responses to an anonymous Trust Index Survey administered by Great Place to Work®. Just 3 percent of the United States civilian workforce are currently employed by a Great Place to Work Certified™ organization. Our Great Place to Work Certification is a testament to our ongoing commitment to enhancing employee experience, fostering a workplace culture of inclusion, and operating according to our core values—safety, sustainability, and integrity.

Spotlight on Long-Tenured Employees

  SJ Williams

In 2021 SJ Williams celebrated 52 years as a Schnitzer team member, earning the status as the longest-tenured employee in Schnitzer history. Throughout his time with the Company, SJ has held various Operator roles, and is currently serving as a Crane Operator at our Attalla, Alabama, facility.

  Wayne Gibson

Wayne Gibson started at Cascade Steel Rolling Mills in 1971. Eight months later, he took a position operating a crane in the steel mill’s melt shop and has been there ever since. Prior to his career with Cascade Steel Rolling Mills, Wayne served in the United States Army for three years. He is one of many valued veterans in our Schnitzer employee community.